【Animation recommendation】 2021 summer new: 8 otherworldly things, youth sports fan, transmigration series must see works!

▋Japan’s 2021 summer ON file animation lineup is strong: topic adaptations.
"That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" Season 2: Popular Topic Sequel


©Kawakami Yasuki·Fuse·Kodansha/Tsula Production Committee
Picture source: Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.


The story of " That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime " describes an ordinary office worker, Mikami Satoru, who was accidentally killed by a robber murder case involving random murders. After being reincarnated in another world, he became "The story. Although the slime gives the impression of being a weak low-level fish in the magical world, there is too much time after rebirth, accidentally forging various skills and unfolding an adventure story. The story was originally an online novel serialized on the contribution site "Become a Novelist" in 2013. It has been viewed more than 140 million times so far. It became even more popular after the automatic drawing was adapted in 2018. July 2021 Will launch the second season of animation.


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2
· Japan launch time: in July 2021
· viewing platform: another update after public

"Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy": A different world adventure started by " dig the hole" by parents


© Kei Azumi / Alpha Police / Tsukimichi
: Moonlit World Roadside Production Commission Scroll Source : Alpha Police Co., Ltd.


" Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy " is also adapted from a serialized online novel on the "Become a Novelist" website. The animated version will be officially aired on July 7, 2021. The story describes that ordinary high school student Shen Chengzhen was asked by his parents to exercise fighting skills and housework since he was a child. It turned out that his parents made a contract that made him have to go to another world as a "brave". Unexpectedly, he arrived in another world, but was considered "ugly" by the goddess. Not only was he deprived of the name of a brave man, but also exiled to the wilderness. Fortunately, he was protected by the Moonreading God and was stronger than everyone else. He started an adventure along the way. , And also get to know all kinds of races by the way, including lovely and powerful servants.


Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy
・Japan broadcast time: July 7, 2021
・Watching platform: update after release

"RE-MAIN": The Water Polo Story of Young Boys
Video source: BANDAI NAMCO Arts Channel

The production company MAPPA, which has produced popular animations such as "Jujutsu kaisen" and "Attack on Titan" final season, will launch an original sports show " RE-MAIN " with the theme of "Water Polo" from July 3, 2021 ! The story describes the protagonist Shimizu Minato who decided to give up water polo because of an "incident" that occurred in the third year of the country, but when he was enrolled in Shannan High School, he found that the school's water polo club was very weak and precarious. After meeting a new companion, Minu could not change State of mind, how about facing the water polo again? This is the highlight of the plot, and the courageous water polo scene is also very exciting!


・Japan Broadcasting Date: July 3, 2021
・Watching Platform: Will be updated after the release

 " I'm standing on 1,000,000 lives" 2nd season: a plot that is getting better


(C) Naoki Yamakawa, Akinari Nao, Kodansha / I’m standing on 1,000,000 lives Production Commission Image Katarai Source
The protagonist Yosuke Yosuke Yosuke of the story of " I'm standing on 1,000,000 lives " is an ordinary Grade Three boy who is tired of life and doesn't like to get along with others. One day he was suddenly summoned to another world as a player. Two classmates also appeared-Shindo Yiyu, the man in the class, and sickly Hakozaki Redsue. Everyone who enters another world will get a new job and complete the tasks assigned by the game controller. In the first season, you can see how Yosuke Yosuke, as a "farmer" with no characteristics and combat capabilities, overcomes difficulties and supports each other with his partners. The second season will also be broadcast on July 2, 2021. Although this animation has been ridiculed by many people for its lack of funding and the inability to maintain a certain level of style, the plot setting is interesting and gradually improving. Those who are interested will give the second season another chance!


I'm standing on 1,000,000 lives Season 2
・Japan Broadcasting Date: July 2, 2021
・Watching Platform: Updates after the release

"Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan": the seiyuu lineup is so luxurious that I dare not look directly
Image Katarai Source: BANDAI NAMCO Amusement
"Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan " is adapted from the cartoonist Kusetake’s webcomic of the same name, and won the first prize in the webcomic section of the "Next Red Manga" (次にくるマンガ大奖) in the same year that it was serialized in 2017. , And won the first place in the independent production department in the WEB Comic General Election 2017. It is definitely a potential work! The story takes the gymnastics brother "Omotari Rido" as the protagonist in the children’s show. Although Rado has a nice smile and a handsome figure, he is actually an adult who speaks and thinks very negatively. The plot is mainly based on him and the other children in the children’s show. The eldest brother and elder sister's workplace are mainly two or three things, and the content is funny and realistic. Also noteworthy are the animated voice actors, including Hiroshi Kamiya, Mamoru Miyano, Nana Mizuki, Tomokazu Sugita, Yuichi Nakamura, Daisuke Ono, etc. The lineup is so luxurious that people worry about production costs (laughs)!


Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan
· Japan Broadcasting time: July 5, 2021
· Watching platform: Updates after the release

"My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!" Season 2: The villain who unknowingly built the harem is back!
Image source: hontoPR Bureau


In recent years, the "Rebirth" series can be said to be a big hit, but " My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! " has broken out of these stories and has become an especially popular work. The story describes an ordinary female high school student who loved to play love games in her previous life. She died unexpectedly and was reborn in her passionate love adventure game "FORTUNE LOVER". She also became a villainous Duke’s eldest lady who was destined to go to a bad ending. Tarina Culeyes"! In order not to be executed or exiled, Catalina vows to rewrite history. As a result, her natural and lovely personality is deeply attracted to all the characters in the game without knowing it, and the plot development is chaotic and interesting. The first season of animation will be broadcast in 2020, and the second season will begin to meet with the audience on July 2, 2021!


My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Season 2
・Japan Broadcasting Date: July 2, 2021
・Watching Platform: Updates after the release

"Love Live! Superstar!!": The fourth new work in the "Love Live!" animation series!


© 2021 Project Love Live! Superstar !! © GENDA SEGA Entertainment Inc.


" Love Live! Superstar!! " is the fourth work of the "Love Live!" anime series, with the five-member group "Liella!" as the main story line. The main team started with a group of 9 people, and also held a general public audition for the first time. The two qualified candidates Date Sayuri and Nagisa Aoyama dubbed the protagonists Shibuya Hana sound and Hazuki love respectively. The story is based on Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama. The newly established private Jieqiu Girls’ High School between the three places is the main stage, and will fully tell the youth movement of girls working hard to realize their dreams together!


Love Live! Superstar!!
・Broadcasting date in Japan: July 11, 2021
・Watching platform: Updates after the release

"How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom":
Image Katarai Gen: Fuji Television Network Co., Ltd.
The protagonist of " How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" is Soma Ichiya, who is dependent on his grandfather. One day, he is suddenly summoned to another world as a "brave" because of the Elf who called him to come. The Kingdom of Lideng was threatened by a powerful country. The king could not withstand the pressure. The ceremony was held while the dead horse was a living horse doctor, and the brave man was really successfully summoned, so he simply gave up the throne and let the princess daughter be the fiancee of the brave man. Therefore, the brave is not going to fight the devil and the dragon, like other stories about the theme of another world, but start with the revitalization of the country's finances. Just like the title of the story, the highlight lies in how the protagonist starts with "realism" and then uses modern knowledge to save the country. The successive emergence of "talents" has also become a major attraction of the story!


How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom
· Japan Broadcasting Date: July 4, 2021
· Watching Platform: Updates after the release

▋It’s too late now! Recommend 7 spring animations in Japan in 2021!
The fifth season of "My Hero Academia": the path to growth to be the best hero!


© Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha / My Hero Academia Production Commission
Image Source: HJ Holdings Co., Ltd.


The story of " My Hero Academia " describes that in an era when some humans have special "personality", heroes become a profession! Innately lack of power but longing to become a hero, the young Midori Valley Ikuhisa acquired a strong personality due to fate. In order to fulfill his dream, he entered the Xiongying college where he became a hero. After training in the previous four seasons and fighting against the enemy coalition forces, the fifth season once again took the school as the background, with students from Class A and Class B starting a confrontation. The "power" in Ikuhisa was also ready to move. At the same time, the social undercurrent of surplus heroes was surging. The conspiracy of the enemy hiding in the dark is rioting again, and there are so many things to watch!


My Hero Academia Season 5
・Broadcasting time: From January 27, 202, update at 17:30 every Saturday

"The Way of the Househusband": The daily life of the former master of the underworld


(C) Kousuke Oono / Shinchosha
Image Katarai Source: Tsumiki Inc.


If you have watched the live-action Japanese drama version of "The Way of the Househusband " starring Hiroshi Tamaki in 2020, don't miss the animated version produced by Netflix in the spring of 2021! The story describes the evil underworld Aaron known as the "immortal body". After marrying the real goddess Meijiu, Jinpan washes his hands and walks into the family to become a professional boss. The voice actor who dubbed the soul character Aaron is Kenjiro Tsuda . He dubbed the role of "Nanikai Kento" in the last season of "Spell Return". With a low magnetic voice, it is also a big thing to see !


The Way of the Househusband
・Broadcasting time: On the shelves from 2021/4/8

"Tokyo Avengers": A battle through time and space to save your ex-girlfriend!
Image source: Kodansha Co., Ltd.


" Tokyo Avengers " was originally the winner of the 2020 Kodansha Manga Awards in the Junior Division. It has been serialized since 2017, and an animation will finally be released in the spring of 2021! The plot depicts an unachievable migrant worker Hanagaki Budo. One day, he saw on TV that his ex-girlfriend, Tachibana Hyuga, was reportedly killed by the struggle of the Kanto gang "Tokyo Swastika". As a result, because of an accident, he traveled through time and space and returned to 12 years ago. In order to prevent her ex-girlfriend from falling into tragedy and to change her haunting self, Hanagaki Budo decided to go deep into the "Tokyo Swastika Society", the initiator of the incident, and launch a rescue plan!


Tokyo Avengers
・Broadcasting time: From April 11, 202, updated at 02:40 every Sunday

"86 -Eighty Six-": Japanese animation kingly formula of science fiction, fighter planes, young girls


© 2020 Asato Asato / KADOKAWA / Project-86
图片Raiminamoto: Corporation Aniplex
Those who like sci-fi and mecha works will chase " 86 -Eighty Six-" in the spring of 2021 ! The work is adapted from the first prize of the 23rd Dengeki Novel Award in Kadokawa, Japan. It describes the story of the "Republic of Santa Magnolia", which is destroyed by the unmanned weapon "legion" dispatched by neighboring countries every day until they finally develop it. Weapons of the same type can defuse the threat. However, it seems that there were no casualties on the surface. In fact, there is a non-existent "86th District" outside of the 85th District of the Republic. The "pilot" drone fights the corps, and the plot is based on the vanguard captain "Xin" of the combat unit and the girl command and control officer "Rena" as the main axis.


86 -Eighty Six-
・Broadcasting time: From January 1st/February 11th, 2020, updated every Sunday at 00:30

"Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took In a High School Runaway": The curious story of office workers vs. female high school students
Image source: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.
"A 26-year-old office worker" meets a "girl from a high school at the stilt family". It sounds like this combination is a bit "dangerous", and it is necessary to add cohabitation elements? ! Although the setting of the story sounds blushing and heartbeat, the work " Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took In a High School Runaway " is more like a warm growth story of two people! Originally as a light novel of the same name, in 2019, he won the second place in "This light novel is really amazing!" Plot description Yoshida, a 26-year-old office worker who lives alone at a technology company, confessed to his five-year unrequited love and was rejected. When he was drunk, he met Sayu, a female high school student who was willing to "dedicate his life" to change accommodation. She has an upright personality in Yoshida. Next, change the contract to do housework and exchange accommodation. What kind of chemical reaction will occur between the two people who are 9 years old? I recommend everyone to continue reading Luo!


Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took In a High School Runaway
・Broadcasting time: 2021/4/5, updated every Monday at 23:00

▋Don’t miss it if you haven’t seen it yet! Review list of 7 ON files in the winter of 2021
The topic must be chased! "Pui Pui Molcar" is healing again!


The biggest dark horse of animation in early 2021 is definitely " Pui Pui Molcar "! This step -by-step animation of only 2 minutes and 40 seconds per episode , featuring 5 "guinea pig carts" with characteristics of guinea pigs: Potato, Seiro, Abi, Chocolate and Teddy as the protagonists, depicting their daily lives. In addition to the "main body" made of wool felt, which makes the cars and cars full of cuteness, the animation production is also ingenious. For example, the sounds of the cars and cars are actually recorded with the guinea pig's chirping . The actor performing the performance is still a friendly performance between the director and his family, which condenses various "ㄎㄧㄤ" elements, which also makes this work highly discussed and toxic.


☞ Extended reading
Children only watch "Blade of Ghost Slayer", and adults watch "Guinea Pig Cart"? The dark horse of Japanese animation in 2021!
[There is a film] The real version of "Guinea Pig Cart"! Directly hit how cute the guinea pigs in the Japanese zoo are!


PUI PUI Guinea Pigs Cars
· Broadcasting time: From January 5, 2021, updated every Tuesday at 8:00

Walk the last mile together! "Attack on Titan: The Final Season" Final Chapter
Image source: GYAO Co., Ltd.


From that day when mankind finally remembered the horror of being dominated by giants, the development of the story of " Attack on Giants " has been receiving attention. After three seasons of stories, the plot is finally about to enter the final chapter of the climax. In the latest season, the perspective will be drawn to the other side of the vast sea to understand what is happening in "another country." Allen. How will the future of Yeka and the 104th partner go on? As the original manga is coming to an end, whether there is a difference between the ending of manga and animation is also the focus of attention.


☞ Extended reading
"Attack on Titan" comic finale time revealed! Isayama made a speech at the end of the 11th year of the serial


Attack on Titan The Final Season
・Broadcasting time: 2020/12/7, updated every Monday after 7:00

Continue to learn about the body and diseases with interesting perspectives! "Working Cell" Season 2
Image Katarai Gen: Tsumiki Inc.


Through the description of both creativity and knowledge, " Working Cell " , which introduces the cells in the human body , has been well received since the first season of the animation in 2018. It also makes everyone look at the natural but super-serious red blood cells and handsome The white blood cells fighting the cells and the super cute platelets dressed up by kindergarten students are full of good feelings. The latest second season animation will be broadcast in the winter of 2021. It will continue to let everyone know more about the disease in a simple way. It is recommended for both adults and children!


☞ Extended reading
・The second season of the popular animation "Working Cell" will start in January 2021! Cells are fighting for your health again


The second season of "Working Cell"
· Broadcasting Time: From January 10th, 2021, updated every Sunday at 00:00

Continue the story outside the paradise! "The Promised Neverland" Season 2
Image Katarai Gen: Tsumiki Inc.


A group of children who are not blood-related but love brothers and sisters live a happy life in the orphanage under the care of a gentle "mother" until one day they discover that they are actually "food" to be slaughtered, and they can only secretly start a relationship. Life and death self-help "escape from prison" project. The setting of " The Promised Neverland " is full of dramatic tension. From the original comics, it has been popular all the way to animation. In addition to the live-action movie version at the end of 2020 , the second season of animation will also be broadcast in the winter of 2021. The world view has become broader. Let the audience follow in the footsteps of Emma and his group to solve the mystery together.


☞ Extended reading
The live-action movie "The Promised Neverland" adapted from a super-popular manga will be released in Taiwan in January 2021! Kitagawa Keiko, Naomi Watanabe same stage Biao play
· "agreed Neverland" and store hundred round cooperation! Japan 3COINS 100 Yen Store Launches Co-branded Limited Products


The second season of "The Promised Neverland"
・Broadcasting Time: From January 15, 2021, updated at 2:00 every Friday

The successor to the popular work of Demon Slayer Blade "Jujutsu Kaisen"
Image Katarai Gen: Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.


With its three-dimensional character settings and a mysterious world view, " Jujutsu Kaisen " aroused widespread discussion and was also named "the popular successor of "Demon Slayer". The story describes a high school student, Polygonum cuspidatum, in order to save people, swallowing a cursed finger in a crisis, becoming a "dangerous figure" coexisting and coexisting with the king of the cursed Nuo, and in order to save more people, Polygonum cuspidatum enters to train a cursor The school, forged fighting skills, and started fighting again and again with his partners. The animation was launched in October 2020, establishing the story structure and the relationship between the characters, and entering the second stage in January 2021. The main plot of the plot is mainly the exchange meeting of the Kyoto Conjurer College. Now it is too late to catch up!


☞ Extended reading
・The "Nuo" on both sides of Su Nuo in "Spell Return" should not be pronounced as "Tan" by mistake! The correct way of thinking and the actual origin will tell you once!
This is the hottest anime after "Ghost Slayer"? Japan PARCO launches "Spell Return" and "Attack on Titan" animation original painting exhibition
. Bring Gojo teacher home! Good Smile's "Spell Return" Gojo Go Nendoroid begins pre-order


Spellback Battle
・Broadcasting time: From 2020/10/17, update at 1:30 every Saturday

Sweet and sour youth chapter! Popular girl manga "Hori and Miyamura" finally animated
Image Katarai Gen: Aniplex Co., Ltd.


" Hori and Miyamura " is a super-popular girl manga serialized since October 2011. It describes Hori Kyoko as a beautiful high school girl with excellent grades. Privately, she is diligent in taking care of her younger brother and doing housework. A family-oriented woman, one day when her younger brother was injured, she was helped by a man. Hori discovered that the avant-garde man was actually the gloomy male classmate Miyamura Isumi in the class. Sharing a side that others don't know about each other, and thus unfolding a sour and sweet youth story. After being popular for so many years, it was finally adapted into an anime in 2021. It is a must-see for anyone who wants to be thrilled and relive the high school era!


Hori and Miyamura
・Broadcasting time: From January 10th, 2021, update at 1:00 every Sunday

Go camping together for healing! "Laid-Back Camp" Season 2
Image source: Dawang Co., Ltd.


The camping craze not only appears in real life, but also in the world of two-dimensional camping! The main story of " Laid-Back Camp " is set on Shima Rin, a female high school student who loves camping. Although she prefers single camping, she met a group of like-minded girls and formed the "Outdoor Activity Club". The plot style is warm and cute. The plot also describes the knack and charm of many camping activities such as outdoor knowledge and picnic skills , attracting a group of diehard fans. The second season will start in the winter of 2021. Let's continue to feel the healing power of the story together!


The second season of " Laid-Back Camp" 
· Broadcasting Time: From January 7th, 2021, updated at 23:00 every Thursday

The new season's 2021 summer animation is very exciting, and the spring and winter animations are also available on all major platforms. It is recommended to find time to make up! In addition to the animations introduced in the article, there are many interesting new episodes waiting for everyone to discover. We will continue to track the latest animation and film news , welcome everyone to continue to pay attention!


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